Tickets are available here:

Type of memberships available:

Weekend Registration – $40 until January 1st, $50 until May 7th, $65 at the door

This is full admission to the convention. Tickets will be available online before the convention and at the Registration desk at the convention.

Children Badges: Our Children’s badges are divided into two categories this year. These rate apply to any new badge purchases. If you purchased a 2016 badge at the 2015 convention, your child under 12 is free for 2016. 

Children 6 – 12 year old – $15.00

This badge gives a child 6-12 years old full access to the convention, including access to our Kids’ Track.

Children 5 and under – Free

This badge gives a child 5 and under access to the convention. Children must be accompanied by an adult; child badges can only be given with the purchase of an adult badge.

Immortality Badge – $500

This badge gets you into the convention for the rest of time and through all your subsequent regenerations. What? That’s not enough? There are other perks to being Immortal as well. With your Immortality comes:

  • A special membership badge unique to Immortals
    You’ll get a badge that will be distinctive and will set you apart. This will be something different each year and which you’ll hopefully find collectible.
  • Reserved seating in all Main Events
    Enjoy a reserved seat at the front of the room (if you choose) for all of our Main Programming events: Guest Q&As, Episode Commentaries, the Cabaret, the Masquerade, Concerts, etc. We’ll still need you to pay the $5 entry to the Cabaret (as this money is separate from TimeGate funds and 100% of the monies collected goes to charity), but once you’re in you go to the front of the room and take your rightful place. Only persons with an Immortal badge will be allowed to sit up front. So make sure all your friends become Immortal too!
  • Private Reception with Guests
    Kick off your weekend in style! You’ll be invited each year to a private reception in our consuite. Just you, a few staff, and our Guests. This will be the first official function of the con, which means Immortals get the first opportunity to schmooze in style with the celebs. And you know the kind of food our con suite staff puts out, so you can expect a top-notch event. Guest participation will depend on travel schedule and availability, of course.

Memberships can be purchased at

Press passes available. Sign up form coming soon. For inquiries, email