Preparing for TimeGate 2015. . .

TimeGate 2015 is right around the corner. Here are some helpful tips and some great information to know.

  1. The convention is not sold out! There are still plenty of weekend and 1 day badges available at the door.
  2. With that said, here’s what each day costs:
    • Weekend badges are $60
    • Friday badges are $25
    • Saturday badges are $40
    • Sunday badges are $30
  3. Are you a TimeGate Immortal Member? Then you get to hang out with the guests at your own private reception on Friday at 7 PM in room 1508. You also get front row seating at all panels in Main Programming.
  4. The Marriott Century Center hotel is sold out (regardless of what the Marriott website says). If you haven’t booked by now and you try to, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a room. There is an overflow hotel a few miles away with shuttle service to and from the con.
  5. The hotel has quiet hours starting at 10 PM in the main lobby, so try and keep it down. But back in the programming rooms? Be as loud as you want (not really, but you get the idea).
  6. There will be program books available at registration. There will also be a digital copy linked to the app. Sneak preview here.
  7. There’s an app! It’s hosted by Guidebook. See how to download the app here.
    • New feature in the app: Uploading your photos from the con into the app in real time!
    • Don’t forget to review panels. We love your feedback! Tell us what we’re doing right and what needs work. Also tell us who we need to fire (as long as it’s not me).
  8. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter all weekend. Also share your photos with us during and after the con.
    • Use #TimeGate2015 whenever you reference us on social media!
    • Make sure you’re following us on Twitter because we may live stream some of the con!
  9. If you pre-ordered a t-shirt, autograph sessions, or photograph sessions, these will be given to you when you pick up your badge from registration.
  10. Registration opens at 4 on Friday. The convention officially kicks off at 6.
  11. IF YOU DIDN’T PRE-ORDER your t-shirt, autograph ticket, or photograph ticket, you are really pressing your luck :) These will all be sold at the TimeGate store, located right outside Main Programming.
    • Due to Michelle Gomez’s extremely tight schedule, photos and autograph tickets are extremely limited. Once they sell out, they’re gone.
  12. TimeGate has a con suite. What does that mean? If you are feeling peckish and don’t want to leave the hotel for a snack, visit room 1508 and grab a quick bite. Hotel Rules: The hotel does not want any food from the con suite on the first floor. They’re being extremely gracious by letting us have a con suite, so let’s not push our luck with the hotel.
  13. Have a question? New this year to the con is our very own Information Services. They’re located right off the main hallway on your way to the two video rooms. Can’t miss ’em.
  14. The Masquerade and Cabaret are on two different nights this year.
    • The Masquerade is on Friday night. Sign up sheets are available at the Information Services desk.
    • The Cabaret is on Saturday night. Like always, admission to the cabaret is $5 and all proceeds go to charity. This event is rated PG but we can’t always control the actors so a bad word may slip out every once in a while.
  15. Two new events on Saturday night for the 21 and older crowd (sorry kiddos):
    • Gallifrey Game Night – Similar to Hollywood game night, but on Gallifrey – and with our celebrity guests.
    • Match Game – Presented by OutlantaCon. The classic TV game show brought to life in front of your very eyes. This could get extremely inappropriate and possibly raunchy at times so this is fair warning. Don’t complain in the app that you were offended because I did warn you.
  16. Brand new Friday night event:
    • Pool party! Hang out with your fellow Whovians by the pool. There will be a cash bar and a cupcake tower!
  17. There is a wrap up panel on Sunday at 6. Tell us how we did. Shower me with praise.
  18. Remember to have fun. This is going to be a great con and we are so excited for everything planned this weekend!

– Daniel

TimeGate App Hosted By Guidebook Now Available

GuidebookThe TimeGate App is now available through Guidebook – available for download on iOS and Android.

With the TimeGate app (hosted by Guidebook), you can view the entire con schedule and plan your weekend. Since we’re at a new hotel this year, we’ve added a local restaurant guide as well.

A new feature we’re trying out this year is the ability to upload your photos from the con straight to the app! This lets you share photos you’ve taken at the con with all your Whovian friends within a matter of seconds!

Click below for directions on downloading Guidebook to your device.

Downloading the TimeGate App hosted by Guidebook

Overflow Hotel Now Accepting Reservations


In a first of many new things this convention season, we have sold out of our hotel room block. But don’t panic, we have an overflow hotel room 2.6 miles away at the Courtyard Atlanta/Executive Park. Both the host hotel and the overflow hotels have shuttles that can take you back and forth between hotels. If you get an error message when booking, email us and we’ll get more rooms added to the overflow hotel. You have until May 13th to book at the link below. Afterward, you’ll have to call the hotel and there’s no guarantee you can get the $89 night.

Book your room at the overflow hotel here: Marriott Courtyard Atlanta

Hotel Sold Out

At this point it looks like our hotel is completely sold out. You may try booking a room with them at their regular rate, but there’s no guarantee of getting one. We’re working on a solution for a spillover hotel and will hopefully have new information about that on May 8. Thanks to everyone who has already booked a room! Stay tuned for further updates. 

Memorial Service

Now that the programming schedule has been released, one of the things that you’ll see on it is a Memorial Serivice for George Cockrell and Dave Slaughter. These are two people who have been involved with TimeGate for many years and their contributions to our little convention cannot be overestimated. We lost both this past year. They had an impact on many lives at our convention, so we invite you to join us Friday at 10:00 p.m. in Dunwoody 2 and share your memories of them.

2015 Programming

ProgrammingThe Programming Schedule is now online! Click on the image to view it in Google Drive. There still may be an edit to be made here and there, but this is about 98% complete and accurate. In addition, you’ll start seeing panel and event descriptions begin to appear on the various programming pages, so if you see something on the grid and want to know more about it, check that track’s page, which you can easily find in the Programming drop-down menu. And you can visit the Programming main page to see a map of our event space so you’ll know how to find everything you want to do. We’ll also be producing an app this year so that you can download the grid onto your device,create your own schedule of events, rate each session you attend and leave feedback, etc. We hope you’re looking forward to TimeGate 2015!

Important Deadlines Quickly Approaching

We’re a month out from the convention, so here are a few dates to remember:

May 1st – Pre-Registration closes. That means if you don’t register by May 1st, you’ll have to pay $60 at the door for a weekend pass.

May 8th – Last day to book your hotel room at the Marriott Century Center for $89 per night. The normal weekend rate is $149 per night.

May 16th – Last day for pre-ordering autographs and photo-ops for Michelle Gomez and Katy Manning. Pre-order now and you’re guaranteed a spot in line. A limited number of tickets for autographs and photo-ops will be available at the convention.

RetroTV Coming to TIMEGATE

retrotvWe’re very pleased to announce that the wonderful folks from RetroTV, the broadcast home of Classic Doctor Who in the US, will be coming to TimeGate! RetroTVs run of Doctor Who began with the first two episodes of “An Unearthly Child” on August 4, 2014, showing two episodes every week night and a block of four episodes every Saturday evening. They’ll have a table all weekend so you can meet them, and we’ll be doing a Q&A in Main Programming on Saturday at 2:00. Learn how Doctor Who came to Retro, what plans they have for Doctor Who in the future, and how to get Retro in your area if your cable provider doesn’t already carry it. Plus, learn about all their other great Classic programming and maybe find out what’s coming down the pike in the future. Visit them at

Doctor Who & TimeGate Celebrates 10 Years!

March 25th marks 10 years since “New” Doctor Who aired on TV. Longtime fans and newcomers alike were introduced to Christopher Eccleston’s 9th Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler, in the episode “Rose.”

Not only was March 25th a big day for Whovians in general, it was also the very first TimeGate Convention. Back then, TimeGate was a one day convention devoted to Doctor Who and Stargate. Before moving to the Holiday Inn off Chamblee-Dunwoody, the event was held at the Northlake Elks Lodge (pictured).

From all the staff at TimeGate, we’d like to wish Doctor Who a very happy 10th birthday! We also hope that Timegate is one of your favorite conventions and we promise to make your con the best it can be every year!

GUEST UPDATE: Michelle Gomez


We’re very excited to welcome MICHELLE GOMEZ not only to her first TimeGate but to her FIRST CONVENTION anywhere! Fresh from her appearance as THE MISTRESS in Season 8 and having just filmed episodes for Season 9, Michelle will be on hand for Q&As and autographs on SATURDAY, MAY 23rd. Both weekend and Saturday-only passes are available for pre-sale on the Membership page. We’ll be releasing further information on autographs soon. Get your memberships now, and don’t forget to book your hotel now to make sure you get a room (available on the Hotel page). Hope you’re looking forward to a very exciting – and very bananas – TimeGate 2015!