Doctor Who & TimeGate Celebrates 10 Years!

March 25th marks 10 years since “New” Doctor Who aired on TV. Longtime fans and newcomers alike were introduced to Christopher Eccleston’s 9th Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler, in the episode “Rose.”

Not only was March 25th a big day for Whovians in general, it was also the very first TimeGate Convention. Back then, TimeGate was a one day convention devoted to Doctor Who and Stargate. Before moving to the Holiday Inn off Chamblee-Dunwoody, the event was held at the Northlake Elks Lodge (pictured).

From all the staff at TimeGate, we’d like to wish Doctor Who a very happy 10th birthday! We also hope that Timegate is one of your favorite conventions and we promise to make your con the best it can be every year!

GUEST UPDATE: Michelle Gomez


We’re very excited to welcome MICHELLE GOMEZ not only to her first TimeGate but to her FIRST CONVENTION anywhere! Fresh from her appearance as THE MISTRESS in Season 8 and having just filmed episodes for Season 9, Michelle will be on hand for Q&As and autographs on SATURDAY, MAY 23rd. Both weekend and Saturday-only passes are available for pre-sale on the Membership page. We’ll be releasing further information on autographs soon. Get your memberships now, and don’t forget to book your hotel now to make sure you get a room (available on the Hotel page). Hope you’re looking forward to a very exciting – and very bananas – TimeGate 2015!

Guest Update

Guest-PixelWhoWe’re pleased to welcome PixelWho back to TimeGate! Artist Nathan Skreslit and manager Ly Cao have attended TimeGate the past two years and have shown off their artwork at a fan table; this year we’re excited to be able to feature them as guests. PixelWho seeks to represent the entire history of Doctor Who as a series of 8-bit characters. They recently announced that they will be creating a new level of the wildly popular game Doctor Who: Legacy called “Bigger on the Inside” which will launch March 2015. Welcome back to TimeGate, Nathan and Ly!

TimeGate at Anachrocon

AnachroConLogolWe’ll be running a full-weekend Doctor Who track at Anachrocon this weekend! We’ve got a lot of great things planned. Panels on topics like “Everything I Know About History I Learned From Doctor Who,” “Monsters: What Works, What Doesn’t?,” “New Series 10th Anniversary,” “The Morality of the Doctor,” “What the Master Teaches Us About Gender,” plus an introductory session called “Doctor Who: A Beginner’s Guide to All of Time and Space.” We’re also co-hosting a panel with the Classic Sci-Fi track called “Time Warped”, which looks at time travel in many different shows and movies. We’ll be showing lots of classic and recent episodes on Friday and Saturday nights in one of the theatres. On Friday night we have a special session called “The Matrix”: Ask any question you want, try and stump the panel of experts. On Saturday night we’ll be hosting Gallifrey Game Night. We’ll also have a table where you can learn all about TimeGate 2015 and buy your memberships.

For more information, visit

Best in the US!

theguardianOn Feb 21, The Guardian published an article listing the five best Doctor Who conventions in the US, and TimeGate made the list! We are listed third and in extremely good company with Gallifrey One, Chicago TARDIS, Hurricane Who and LI Who. Congratulations to all who made the list! Go here to read the article.

Enter Our 2015 Masquerade!

Are you a cosplayer? Do you like showing off your work to an appreciative audience? Then you should enter our Masquerade! This is a non-judged fashion show where you get to demonstrate your creativity. Enter solo or with a group. Walk the “catwalk” or some up with a skit. Our Masquerade will be the highlight of our Friday evening programming (time tbd), so help us launch TimeGate 2015 in grand fashion!

Please visit our Masquerade page to register your spot!



We’re thrilled to announce that the amazing KATY MANNING will be coming to TimeGate for her very first Atlanta convention appearance! Katy of course played Jo Grant, one of the most popular companions in the history of the show, from 1971 – 1973, alongside Jon Pertwee as the Doctor. She portrayed both renegade Time Lord Iris Wildthyme and Jo Grant in numerous Big Finish dramas. And she brought Jo Grant back to television in the “Death of the Doctor” episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures. Make plans to join us May 22-24 in Atlanta to meet Katy and hear all her amazing stories!

Guest Update!

guest-StephenLaRWe’re very pleased to announce a TimeGate first-timer! Stephen La Riviere will be coming to us all the way from Geneva. He is a writer and documentary filmmaker and has produced pieces on The Saint, Upstairs Downstairs, The Ipcress File, The Champions, The Persuaders, and others. This past September he wrote and directed a feature-length documentary called Filmed in Supermarionation, focusing on the puppet productions of Gerry Anderson like Stingray, Fireball XL5 and, of course, The Thunderbirds. With this year being the 50th Anniversary of The Thunderbirds, we’re very fortunate to have Stephen with us. He will be participating in our British Pub and our Doctor Who tracks; come meet him to hear all about his other current and future projects, like his work with Big Finish and an upcoming brand new Gerry Anderson series! Welcome to the TimeGate family, Stephen!

Guest Update!

guest-ATaylorWe’re very pleased to welcome Anthony Taylor back to TimeGate for a return visit. Anthony is a TG veteran. He’s the author of numerous books, fiction and non-fiction, on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, The Thunderbirds and other Gerry Anderson properties. He’s had articles published in SFX, Video WatcHDog, Fangoria, Screem, Famous Monsters of Filmland, FilmFax, Amazing Figure Modeler, Effects Special, Modeler’s Resource, and many other magazines. He has numerous other credits and has several feature screenplays in development. He will be appearing on both our British Pub and OtherWorlds tracks. Welcome back, Anthony!

VR Comes to TimeGate

ATLVRWe’re very pleased to announce a special program that we’ll be featuring at TimeGate 2015. An Atlanta-based virtual reality company, ATLvr, will be hosting a presentation called “Bringing Sci-Fi to Virtual Reality”. It’s going to be a really fascinating session (on Saturday, time tbd) that I hope you’ll look for. We’ll have more details about this soon, but for now you can find a brief description and a link to their website on our Programming page.