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August 14, 2014 — We have a very important announcement about the future of programming at TimeGate. Please visit the Announcement page to read.

August 11, 2014 — After a lengthy search, we've now signed a contract with a new hotel! Our new home is the beautiful Marriott Century Center! Book your rooms now at the fantastic rate of $89 per night! Visit the Hotel page for more information

June 20, 2014 — Just two days after launching the new website, we're already adding new Guests to the roster! Lee Martindale will be making her third trip to TimeGate next year! She'll be appearing on panels in the Literary, OtherWorlds, Doctor Who and British portals. Welcome back, Lee!

June 18, 2014 — As you can see, our website has undergone a regeneration. Well, so has our convention! We've got a lot of exciting changes coming. To stay on top of all the announcements, watch this space (and time) or follow us on Facebook!


Full-weekend memberships for TG15 are now available for a paltry $25.00! That saves you a heap off of the at-door rate of $60.00, so purchase early and save!

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Dealers tables will be available very soon, and we'll make information available here as soon as possible.




TimeGate 2015 will be graced by:

  • Courtland Lewis (editor, Doctor Who and Philosophy)
  • Louis Robison (singer/songwriter; former BBC writer/producer)
  • Lt. Moxie Magnus (comedian/performer)
  • Earth Station One (Atlanta-based podcast)
  • Josh Wilson (associate editor, Mad Norwegian Press)
  • The Ken Spivey Band
  • Lee Martindale (fantasy author/editor)
  • Mark Maddox (artist)

Many more Guests will be added in the coming weeks and months! If you'd like to be a Guest at TG15, please contact Alan

British Invasion

We have a lot of really exciting new things in store for you for TimeGate 2015! There will new formats for our Cabaret and Masquerade, and we have a lot of new events in the works.

We're very excited to announce that on Friday evening of the convention, we have a special concert planned: The Music of the British Invasion! Our wonderful Guest Louis Robinson wll be getting together with some of his very talented friends to bring you the music of the Beatles and other British bands who made a big splash in American in the 60s. We're thrilled to be able to play host to what will be a very memorable part of your convention experience!


An exerpt from our interview with Colin Baker at TimeGate 2013, talking about the upcoming 50th Anniversary.

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